Friday, April 2, 2010

Back from the Sale

Well, I'm back. Back from a night playing Poker on DNS, I'm heavier in body and lighter in wallet. Yesterday I finally made it down to the Superquinn Spring French Wine sale and somewhat surprisingly I managed to find five out of six reds that I was seeking. They are (L-R)

Corbieres Las Fournas - €7 (reduced from €10-99)
SQ Classic Collection Cotes Du Rhone 2007 - €7
Bunan Bandol Moulin des Costes 2005 €15 (reduced from €19-99)
Domaine de Brunely Vacqueyras 2009 €12 (reduced from €17-99)
Chat-eu-Oeuf Rouge €8 (reduced from €11-99)

I'm calling foul on Superquinn for the Vacqueyras. The picture in the brochure is of a 2005 vintage. The wine I bought is a 2009. Harrumph. I really liked the 2005, so I am hoping the 2009 doesn't disappoint. Herself started the own brand Cotes Du Rhone last night and was underwhelmed, I'll have some later with our experimental lamb kebabs.

On a foodie note I made a Tuna Risotto last night from scratch and it was edible. Go me!

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