Monday, April 5, 2010

Bunan Bandol

Firstly a quick note on wine 3 (of 5) purchased as part of the Superquinn Spring French Wine Sale.

Bunan Bandol Moulin des Costes 2005 €15 (reduced from €19-99)
The Blurb says - "a superb, Bordeaux-like wine, all leather and blackcurrant, with touches of earthiness"
I say - the blurb isn't that far off. It does initially remind you of a Bordeaux and it does have touches of earthiness. It is well balanced and a good accompaniment to red meats. However, I wold not pay full price for it (€20) myself. At €15 I would still hesitate, it was perfectly fine but for that money there are better wines out there, IMHO.

Secondly - What the hell is going on in this damn country?? We went out yesterday to do a bit of shopping in Dundrum only only to find it completely closed (the shopping part of it anyway). It seems very dark ages to me to be closing on Easter Sunday in 2010. Note: Dunnes in the Beacon was also shut. What gives?

Lastly - I had intended to buy more of the Chat-eu-Oeuf for the Easter Sunday lamb dinner but for various reasons I couldn't make it to Blackrock. I did however get to O'Briens in the Beacon and picked up a Chanson Macon Villages (on special at €9-95) and some more of the Ferraton Cotes Du Rhone Samorens (on special at €8-95). Both went down well with the Ferraton proving again to be a cracking fruity, full bodied delight and amazing value at the moment.

Evenin' all.

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