Monday, July 5, 2010

It's Special

Picked up one of the specials down in O'Briens in the beacon over the weekend, a Domaine L'Ostal Cazes Estibals Minervois 2007 - €12-99 reduced from €15-99. I have a soft spot for Minervois, when it's good its very good (and not hugely expensive) like here, which I have recently found on for a modest €11-60, but when its average, it's average, like here.

Happily, this was a damn good wine. Inky purple in the glass and full bodied, it had it all; some dark fruit, some spice, firm tannins and a lovely balance. The vineyard is owned and operated by the Cazes family of Lynch-Bages 60% Syrah, 20% Carignan and 20% Grenache. O'Briens link here.

Lastly, while perusing the bargain shelf in Tesco Dundrum I happened upon a Priorat for €8-99. I don't know much about Priorat, having had only the one, but I was under the impression that they were not generally cheap. This didn't appear to be discounted, but perhaps was mislabelled. Either way, worth a punt at €8-99. It's a Mas de Subira 2003, a blend of 60% Garnacha Negra, 30% Carinyena and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. If you've had it, please let me know...

Lastly lastly, being an inveterate bargain hunter, I also picked up a Tesco Chianti Classico Riserva 2005 (never tried this) for €7-99 and a Tesco Finest Vacqueyras 2008 (always good), also for €7-99.


  1. Hmm. Strange about the Priorat, it is normally an expensive wine alright. Plus it's an old-ish vintage, doesn't really sit right with a €9 price tag.

    Majestic in UK selling it for £16 STG a bottle!

    I'd say buy a bottle and try it. If it's good, stock up on it, must be a mistake by Tesco.

  2. I picked up 6 St. Hallet Old Block Shiraz '03 from Tesco (Finglas) for about €14 a pop a couple of months back. Normally €43 so you can find bargains even if they're something of a rarity.

  3. I found a review of the 2006 on and she gave it a 17.5 but said it was only drinking until 2012, which makes mine (roughly - assuming similar quality vintages) drinking until 2009, so yes, it's a tad old. It's now decanting and it smells wonderful; big, fruity and powerful so here's hoping...

  4. Hmmm, I'll have to stick the head into Tesco a bit more...