Friday, July 9, 2010

Into the wesht, again, for the second time.

We're off for a well deserved weekend away soon so no posts for a few days. Before we go I should update on what the cheap (€8-99) Priorat I picked up on Monday was like. It was a Mas de Subira 2003, an old-ish vintage as noted by pauljkiernan in the comments.

While it smelled delicious while decanting, at first taste I thought said commenter might be right, it tasted a little tired. But, we endeavoured to persevere and after a few minutes in the glass it revealed itself. If I'd been tasting it blind I might have ventured a guess that it was a right-bank Bordeaux, but upon mature reflection this wine was beefier, with lots of tannins, not a huge amount of fruit but good balance and structure nonetheless.

Have just decanted the Tesco Chianti Classico Riserva 2005 (€7-99) to have with a well deserved pizza. We had a good result today; they say the law is an ass, well today it was Jessica Alba's. Evenin' all.

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