Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A gem from Dunnes

As I was perusing my blog list, I came across this article by Lar on Sour Grapes, which described a wonderful Southern French wine retailing at an immodest €6-95 in Dunnes (reduced from €9-95). Normally, this is my territory (finding good cheap wines in the Supermarkets), so duly intrigued, I bought a couple of bottles, as Lar is normally spot on in his recommendations. It's a Chateau de Pennautier AOC Cabardes 2008.

As Lar mentioned, this wine can be made using the "Bordeaux" grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cot (Malbec) AND also the "Mediterranean" grapes, Grenache and Syrah.

Note: Dunnes are also selling the Terroirs d'Altitude Chateau de Pennautier 2006, which appears to be the next wine up the chain and I think was reduced to a very reasonable €8-99.

I liked this a lot. Lots of dark fruit, but not in a jammy way. Lots of body and a nice finish. We drank it without food and it was perfectly fine but I'd imagine it would suit a hearty dish very well. Mary Dowey actually came across this wine last year as did Kevin Ecock here.

Next up: Tonight we visit "SuperTuscany", hopefully we'll get on better than our recent visit to Barolo country.


  1. I think the Cabardes appellation dicates that the blend must be at least 30% Bordeaux and 30% Rhone (used to be 40% up until quite recently).

    The Terroirs d'Altitude comes from sites higher up, further north a few miles and they use oak so there's definitely a difference in taste.

    Glad you liked it - means I keep my reputation, for now.

  2. For the record I did find the standard stuff (2008) in Dunnes Ballyogan when I looked hard (it was on the bottom shelf) but they didn't have the Terroirs d'altitude. I'll pick up a bottle in the Beacon next time I am there and I'll post on what I find...