Sunday, May 23, 2010

A nice white for a Summer's day

It was Friday and I was looking for fish. Herself had decreed that fish was the order of the day so I dutifully made my weary way down to Superquinn in Blackrock.I picked up some tasty looking Plaice, some Peruvian asparagus (?), some microwave New potatoes (??) and then I decided to stroll through the wine dept and pick up some nice white.

We haven't drunk much Viognier but whenever I try it I tend to like it so I took a punt on the above wine, a Viognier 2009 from La Baume in the Languedoc. It was €10-65 reduced to €7 which seems ridiculously cheap for a decent wine but being married to a half Scot I couldn't resist the bargain.

My instincts, for once, were right on the money. This was a treat, and a steal the seven notes. It is lightly perfumed and all the reviews I can find maintain it has apricot flavours. I don't really like apricots so I'm going with peaches, lots of nice peachy flavours. I liked it so much I went back on Saturday and bought two more, the last of which is currently cooling in my vegetable drawer in the fridge.

On the red front I grabbed a couple of the Domaine Cristia Cotes Du Ventoux 2008, which has proved reliable in the past and was also on special at a mere €7 also. Should go well with the lamb chops I'm BBQing tonight for Herself and MJ from next door. Evenin' all.


  1. Hi, you should also try the La Baume Cab Sav - it's around €8 in superquinn and is real nice too.

  2. I saw it there the other day - will grab one next time I am down there..