Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bargain Report Card and other stuff...

Earlier in the week I bought three potential bargains at half price in Tesco. These are the results of the Dublin jury (see what I did there?)

Reserve Des Tuguets Madiran 2007
- €6-99. I had read that wines from Madiran are supposed to be a little Bordeaux like and so it proved. While it obviously didn't have the depth of a classed growth wine it had some nice subtle fruit, a chunk of tannins and some decent length. I don't know that I'd pay full whack for this but it's pretty good value as priced.

Marques De Carano Gran Reserva 2001 - €7-99. "A very good price for a Gran Reserva", I said in my initial post, well TANSTAAFL to that. This tasted like an attempt at a decent Rioja (I know its from a different region) and although it had some of the vanilla and oak it still seemed a bit thin and tired. There was a reason this was priced to clear.

Piccini Gran Selezione Oro Chianti Riserva 2007 - €5-99. This proved to be the bargain of the day. Lovely plummy fruit and great length meant we enjoyed the heck out of this. This was solid Chianti that you might expect to pay €12-€14 for so it is a steal as priced.

Second lastly, as I type this the boys should be driving toward the ferry in France with their precious cargo of wine from Bordeaux/Bergerac. We were unable to go on the holiday this year for a variety of reasons but I put in an order ("buy me some red wine, around 6-8 quid a bottle"). This price point worked well last year and I have some inexpensive but very pleasant 2005 Bordeaux in my "cellar" maturing nicely, I hope.

Lastly, Papa is having a special b'day party this Tuesday and I am very much looking forward to the wine list. We are starting with Cristal and finishing with Chateau d'Yquem and drinking lots of 2000 Bordeaux in between. Woo-hoo! Full report to follow.

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