Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bekaa's it's there

I picked up the wine at left in Molloy's earlier tonight. It was right beside the Chateau Musar, but that was €28, which was a bit out of my price range so I grabbed its neighbour a Chateau Ksara 2010 Reserve du Couvent, a snip at €12-95?

It's a blend of 40% Syrah, 30% Cab Franc and 30% Cab Sav, and I have to say, 1 glass in, I ain't loving it. It's got that Chilean, oaky, cab savv'y, dry,  blackcurrant thing going on, with a little bit of sharp acidity.

It's possible that this just needs more time, but I doubt it, because I triple decanted it. Bottle to decanter, decanter to bottle, bottle to decanter, all done through my VinAire, to no avail.

I won't be buying this again. if this style finds you agreeably then by all means fill your boots, lofty. I'll be over here, drinking something else, probably this lovely Ribera, also from Molloys and only 4 cents dearer.

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