Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wagner and I

Another Saturday night movie, another liveblog. The wine is the Jerome Quiot Gigondas 2004 I mentioned in my last post. The day started badly as I returned home, hungover and much the poorer after a night in the country playing poker. It got better though, as we brought Little Bill (tm) into town on the Luas for some lunch and a bit of shopping. I had two of my favourite things in Waggamamas, a delicious Yaki Soba and a 500ml bottle of Asahi.

7-30 - Opened and decanted. Smells nice.

9-00 - Our movie tonight is Valkyrie, a Tom Cruise pic. The wine has started well, some nice complexity, acidity and some tannins. The movie too is promising, Bryan Singer has made some cracking movies over the years and even though we know how the story ends he still manages to generate tension.

10-00 - The wine is still holding up well and we have added some creamy M&S stilton to the mix. It is getting a little drier and more tannic as the night wears off (the wine that is). Herself reckons the movie is "bitty". I disagree, the tension is ramping up and there is a wonderful cast of mostly British thesps.

10-30 - The Gigondas (btw - what is the correct pronunciation of Gigondas?), is about to be gone, and very tasty it was too. Would I buy more? Perhaps, for about the smae money you can get the Tesco or Lidl Vacqueyras which are a bit nicer. The movie is also finishing up, It turned out to be better than I expected.

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