Saturday, January 9, 2010

Autumn Flavours from Corbieres

On a cold and snowy Thursday night I ventured out to the local offie to get emergency beer for the weekend. When I got there I discovered that emergency beer is the only beer I'd buy there as it is bloody expensive, €2-20 for can of Vitamin H and €2-40 for a Charlie Bird, not not mention €2-75 for a bottle of my delicious Polish nectar Zwyiec.

I can never leave off-licence without buying some wine so I had a quick look at the special offers and picked out the wine above which we had last night. A 2008 Corbieres from Chateau Du Grand Caumont imaginatively titled "Autumn Flavours". A blend of 45% Carignan Noir, 15% Syrah and 40% Grenache.

We ended up quite liking this wine but it look a little while to open up. Initially it was quite fruity but after awhile in the decanter it developed some complexity and some soft tannins. It was about €9-99 and it's certainly worth a try at that price.

**Update - We are drinking a bottle of Punto Final Malbec 2008 from Bodegas Renacer, I brought a couple of bottles out to BigEars house, from Oddbins, here, and on the night we drank it undecanted and it wasn't great. Tonight, however, it was very drinkable, medium bodied, a little fruity but nicely balanced.

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