Thursday, December 10, 2009

Use Your Illusion - Part 1

My friend Papi sent me a mail with some very interesting links on wine tasting;

In this fascinating article a retired professor of statistics applied some scientific rigour to the art of tasting and comes to some unsettling conclusions.

Here's an interesting profile of the most powerful man in wine - Robert Parker.

Another Parker article here - a blind tasting of some previously highly rated 2005 Bordeaux by the man himself - who claims to remember every one of 220,000 wines tasted.

On a personal note - we are drinking the first bottle of the case of Santa Ann Eco Malbec - so far so hmmmm.


  1. Anyone who "...teaches randomness at Caltech..." has got to be worth hearing out!

    Thanks for that great, provocative first link - all proofs that there's no accounting for taste help to keep the whole business of wine interesting.

    I hope I get time to have a look at the other articles, though this isn't the best time of year for leisurely perusing.

  2. Cheers - my entire life seems to prove there's no accounting for taste sometimes...8-)