Monday, April 15, 2013

Dunnes Wine Sale

I have to take Dunnes to task. I have been in three separate Dunnes over the last couple of weeks, looking for some of the wines that are part of their "Wine Sale". In each store they had maybe 5 or 6 wines (that I could find) and virtually no promotional material. Just some small placards attached to the shelves. Maybe I caught the end of the sale and stocks were low... They should take a lesson from Richard Moriarty in Superquinn. That's how to do a wine sale.

Anyway, I bought a few reds, some are from the sale, not sure which; it's late and I'm tired with a dicky tummy and a dodgy back so reviews are limited to six words apiece.

Marques de Almonacid Carinena 2009 - €9.00 (reduced from €12-50)
Fruity, light and pleasant. Not bad.

Poco a Poco Tempranillo 2012 - €7-50 (reduced from €11)
Cheap cheerful, but not for me.

Chateau Millegrand Minervois 2011 - €11-50 (reduced from €16)
Awful, down the sink with it.

Laurent Miquel Nord Sud Syrah  - €10-50
Cheap cheerful, needs lots of air.

Next Up - More Beer, probably.


  1. Just opened a bottle of Millegrand 2011 Minervois that I found in a box. An old sample from Dunnes from earlier this year I'd guess. Couldn't remember price so I googled and found your review.

    I couldn't disagree more! Mine is delicious with vibrant black fruit and pepper notes like a good Crozes Hermitage! If it's 11.50 it's a serious bargain. I'd award a silver medal if judging at IWC. Sounds like yours had a fault of some sort.
    Martin Moran

  2. Martin,

    I'll have to try it again so. There must have been something wrong with the bottle I tasted...