Tuesday, November 3, 2009

John Wilson's Favourite Australians

John Wilson's Favourite Australians
Tuesday 24th November
6.30pm - 8.30pm
The Function Room at Fallon and Byrne,
11-17 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

John McDonnell from Wine Australia has asked me to give a shout about the above event which I hope to attend. John has invited me to many wine events and due to a variety of people letting me down 8-) I have been unable to go to any of these, d'oh. Either way here is the skinny from John Mc

"During the summer I gave John the task of pulling together his selection of Favourite Australian wines.
The task wasn't to draw up a list of Australia's best wines, but as John says,
"My first criteria for choosing these wines was very simple; would I be happy to share a bottle of any of them with my friends? The answer had to be yes. The list is certainly not a definitive gathering of the greatest wines of Australia, although I have included a fair number of these. It is my personal choice of the best Australian wines I have enjoyed over the last year."
The task is now complete (with a final count of 70 wines) which covers all styles, regions and prices.
John and myself will host a tasting of all these wines on the evening of Tuesday 24th November in Fallon and Byrne.
Places cost 20 Euro and are available from our office on ireland@wineaustralia.com or 065 7077264.
(This could be the event to take away all those Christmas buying and present selecting challenges.)"

Well there you have it, what are you still doing here? Go drink some wine or something.

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